When the Sun begins to shine


It is hard to believe, now, that ten days ago I had to put on a fire to heat the house! End of June, ridiculous! But then the Sun came calling, and has stayed around ever since. Bright, clear and not overly hot, just perfect to get out and get on with projects that had languished, long overdue. Renovate the cabin, new floor, re-grouting tiles in the kitchen and shower, a complete paint job! Everything going along simultaneously. Typical!

Tough on getting blogs done, I can tell you. Then, of course, there is the rest of the place to keep up with! No problem when one can get out at six A.M. and stroll about, partially dressed, in the morning heat and bring the flowers to some sort of order.

The winter supply of logs arrived! Had to stack 5 1/2 cords of wood so that that they’d be right for burning in a few months. Best done before the temperature crept up too high; at least I didn’t have to split them.

Evenings are cool in this part of the world, especially in the last few years. This is a Godsend, for rarely do we also experience high, debilitating humidity. Many parts of the country are not so lucky. I feel for you.

It seems, according to the weather watch, that this sunny trend will continue throughout July, and may hold steady well into October. Here’s hoping, last year we got twenty days of sun only, and then it was back into the cold and wet, which really ticked me off! Definitely planning to knit and felt warm clothing, hats, gloves, mittens, scarves, waistcoats, socks; can’t have too many woolie items about!

For those bloggers who live in the really warm parts of the world, you must think us mad and rather too taken up with the habits of Sol, but it’s what we gets!

Oh, Lord, what a morning!


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