Remember what?

spring detail
The winter months come and wipe out all record of there having been a vibrant natural life. Winter is natural, of course, but one has to look long and hard for plant diversity and the multiplicity of ecosystems that please our senses during the rest of the year.
What gets me is how surprised we are when the world wakes up, for we can’t remember it being other than grey and bleak. In fact humans don’t remember very much in a direct sort of way. When pain or illness is gone we have no notion of the experience, I mean actually can feel that pain again. The return of spring is the same, it’s impossible to conjure up last spring. It seems that in this regard there is an immediacy to human remembrance, so why in the name of the ten-head guru, do we remember to have gripes about events and people? Why do we know who we should hate, pick fights with? The list of that sort of remembering is really endless.
Could it be that we are NOT living in the natural moment? That instead of smelling the new roses, we are groping around in the dark, reconstituting what should have been dumped in the garbage can eons back.
Humans must be the most disconnected of all the species, and on that point alone, we have no right to consider ourselves intelligent or give ourselves airs.

“Thou art blessed compared wi me, the present only touches thee.”
Robert Burns,”To a Mouse”


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