Gone for no reason

When I worked in administration, sometimes the sheer boredom of a day would bring out the creative wickedness in me. I would have to do something to reassert my sense of being a person in my own right.
I mean problems are problems, they have to be solved, that’s what managers are hired to do, fix what won’t fix on its own! Still, the solution would come easier if my mind was clear, my eye bright, and no one could find me for at least three hours!

GONE FOR NO REASON, that’s what the notice in front of my empty chair said, and the world had to be content that a settlement of their unending business would take a bit longer.
Friends, however, knew the code contained within those few words, and perhaps feeling of much the same mind, would resolve to join me, for I wasn’t so far away and always in the same place.
I’d gone down to a very quiet part of the beach, you see, with a sandwich lunch and some wine, to let the sea breezes blow out the cramped corners of my brain, the sound of the waves remind me that the racket in my head wasn’t real, but pure artifice put there by myself, when thinking either it, or I, was terribly important.
It doesn’t take long to put such tiresome matters to rights; just remember to act on your better feelings, and be gone for no reason.



  1. I had a few pithy lines like that in my office. People would come in all fired up, then start to read what was on the walls and forget what their beef was about! I think I’ll haul a couple more out.


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