Glorious greens

Our whole world has gone a billion shades of green, as spring bursts out in all its glory, and I plan to do a painting to celebrate.

I continue to conjure about ‘Reality’: coming to believe that our days are not fresh, new and unique, but a rehash of memory snippets arising from a multiplicity of origins that are retrieved from our memory banks to create the illusion of an on-going reality that is wholly our own.
I think we are probably the only species that gets into this tangle, because we have managed to persuade ourselves, by misuse of our superior brain, to believe that each one of us is independent from everyone else and the balance of existence.
During the time we are awake, and probably when we sleep, we constantly work on our memories, updating them, refining the information to keep them consistent with what we believe is reality.

It seems that what we are doing is play-acting with what is in our own heads, using this crude means of reference to relate to others in a similar state.
More and more I prefer to think of myself as part of the river of All Life, I don’t need an identity, only full awareness, and right now it’s definitely green.


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