When I have something to work through, I’ll either go out into the garden, or I’ll work with my hands in an artistic way. Any medium.
Sometimes I catch myself out: weeding a garden bed is quick and relatively easy, and I can take the credit for having started and finished the project in an hour or so, and the log jam in my thinking usually shakes loose soon after that.
Deciding to do an art piece is a different matter altogether, and maybe I know, at a deep level, that what I have to mull on is going to take a while, and I’ll need to find something large or intricate to occupy my hands.
It’s just as well our house is for sale, I’d very much like to paint pictures on every one of the walls! I’ll paint a theme, I think, one struggling, as yet, to reach the front of my mind – Orpheus’ Journey to the Underworld, Bubbles?



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