Sausage anyone?

For the last few years our combined families have been meeting most Sundays for brunch. Good farmers’ fare: sausages, bacon, eggs, hash brown potatoes and pancakes, the very best of local food, and gallons of tea. Sometimes there are eight of us, but just as often the number can stretch to twelve or thirteen, as friends drop by and join our number. There are small children, the parents and the old folk, all enjoying a fine breakfast and each others’ company.
For a long time breakfast was at my house, but now it’s moved to our son’s place, the farm building we call it, a large, comfortable space that is simply built and very multi-purpose.
Getting together with family and friends once a week is, I think, a perfect way to get through tough times, of a personal or a general nature. The news these days is often very negative and downright scary. But, being part of a friendly group, where no two persons see things the same way, problems that have settled heavy on the mind can be smoothed away, or at least put into perspective.
There are fun times, serious conversation, jokes and endless games to play with the children if you are up to it. This is the way people should get on, and would get on more often if they could believe that getting together is infinitely to be preferred over being alone, or caught up with the arm’s length connections of present-day media services.
Have a go at it sometime, then you’ll see what I mean.


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