The Ego says….

The Ego says here I am being you, you are me! I drive that body any way I like!
Well the current Ego is hardly pure, can’t be, each person is an amalgam of who knows how many thousands of progenitors from all sorts of places of origin, even if in this life their influence consists of only a few stray electrons. It has to be electrons, they never degrade or die, you see, therefore they’ve been around since the BB.
I read that, I believe, in a book called The World is Sound Nada Brahma, by Joachim-Ernst Berendt, 1983, which gives me the idea that in the beginning there can only have been so many to go round, and that at one time or another we’ve all been a piece of everything.
It also leads one to think that some lives can have a real mess of contradictory influences vying to control their bodies, till they feel like a railway station at rush hour. We have seen people like that, poor souls who are pulled about this way and that, with little chance of finding a steady base, while others lead charmed existences, destined to go through life as if they’d had a chance to pre-read the script. They have.
Never mind the alignment of the stars, or the state of your mind, consider instead the bag of electrons that happen to be your lot to possess. Cataracts of roiling flow, long, languid smooth bits, rock piles, all made of the same stuff.
Why fight it? Why fight anything?


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