Winter woes

November is the worst month of the year for me to get through. I can be perfectly fine and then splat, I’m a mess!!!! There are respectable physiological reasons for this, I know now, and I take something herbal to keep on the level. I am thankful for the help I received to resolve this issue, but my poor Mum had to make up a cure for herself.
February, dull, blear, cold, wet and somehow too long in our part of the world, was the month she dropped out, and took to wearing an apron, a nice thing in itself, but hardly a cure for the winter blues. However it did a job, for in its lovely deep pockets there lurked her secret weapon, to use when things got too much, which was often. I’d see her sit down, sigh, produce a small green bottle and a teaspoon, and serve herself one dose. Of what? Maybe you can guess – Napoleon Brandy, the only way she’d found to warm the cockles of her heart and chase away the willies.


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