It was a coin toss as to whether new tires should be bought for the car. A big expense, as big as slipping off the road and kissing the bottom of a ditch, or a wall!
Well, so far the days and nights have been balmy, 12 degrees today and soaking wet at times, with the white stuff nowhere to be seen up head. It’s not far away, of course; one little twist in the weather pattern, and the arctic front will jump the mountain passes and we’ll be out shoving and cursing.
On the west coast knowing what to do in preparation for winter, what to buy in, or wear each day, can be like playing Texas Holdem with a worn deck and a rotating table which always leaves one in the first blind position!
I’ll take the fixed odds, much better than being buried in snow for months with temperatures that would freeze the knockers off a brass monkey.



  1. Remember the west coast of Scotland – cauld and weet and weet again, usually from Sept. to April. Is Erin Winter still servicing your car? Small world!

  2. Hi, Alan. Erin Winter? Should I be smarter than I am this morning? We have a Subaru, best car for snow going, even the old Justy, it never understood what it meant to get stuck. Cheers.


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