Blog on.


At the beginning of 2011, a difficult year with too many sharp edges and sudden drops in it, I knew nothing about Weblogs. I was writing flat out nevertheless, working on my books, till in late summer, all four stories were sufficiently finished for the process of getting them out into the world could begin. Blogging seemed an excellent way to talk about the many situations and philosophies contained within them, though I remain coy about the intricate plots.
2011 is almost over, these last few days have been a toss up between Yule Logs and Weblogs, and the need to focus on the festivities won out, leaving my posts quite pipped. Never mind, a rest is as good as a holiday, and I have absolutely no intention of letting the blogs sink from view.
Ideas, no matter how well or poorly expressed are worthy of existence. By reading about something one way, it is possible to realise another point of view. Without light there could be no darkness, without darkness there can be no light. States of being are created by the careful use of both extremes and their subtle blends in between. There is no danger in honouring both the light and the dark, that is the wise course to follow, crisis occurs when one of those states is denied the right to exist.
My very best New Year Wishes to those who drop by and read the blogs, and to those who make comments. Though the spammer frequently gets hold of them, I appreciate what was said.


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