There is a saying, comes from British Comedy TV a long time ago, I think:
“Come the Revolution you can have all the ice cream you like!”
“I don’t like ice cream.”
“Come the Revolution you’ll @#&** well have to eat it!”

All significant Change is revolution, a going around again, and oh, how humans have gone around, and so often in clumsy and downright dangerous ways.
Depending on one’s philosophical bent, one can take Change lying down, believing that there is nothing that can be done to stop IT.
Or one can take to the streets and to arms, and try to do something about IT. Frustrating and messy, because human groups on the move are rarely well informed or disciplined. If they are these things, then they too will become a force, as dangerous as the original point of contention.
There will be no winners, only Change.
The third way, which most favour, although not much is ever spoken about it, is to apply the Tweedledum : Tweedledee theory; namely when Change wants to push you to position Tweedledum, you Tweedledee; if Tweedledee seems not to work, you modify Tweedledum.
This principle works in so many amazing ways, and actually serves to brighten up the mind and strengthen the body; both of which have probably become grossly flabby by believing what other people have been telling you.
Always live with change, enjoy that sort of revolution, be quietly in control, there are so many ways to skin a cat.


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