Bells Alarums!

rotten socks

How Santa Lost His Socks and Found Them (part 3)

Alarm clocks should, on principle, be banned. However, if that was to happen, nothing would ever get done on time. Some folk, of course, would think that not such a bad idea.
Wrapped in the arms of Morpheus, more tired than he knew, Santa wouldn’t have got up at all, had his cat, determined to get fed before he took off into the night, not knocked the alarm clock off the night table onto the floor.
Santa shot out of bed and got into his clothes as fast as he could, there was no time to lose, none at all, and everything was going splendidly until he needed to put on his socks and boots. The mukluks waited by the bed, but search as he might he couldn’t find his new woolies. He searched everywhere, on the bed, under the bed, inside his hat, in the cat’s box, but with no luck, and as he had to be on his way, he was forced to look in his chest of drawers, and pick through several pairs with bad holes in the toes and heels. What an awful thing to have happen, and on such an important occasion too! Really, it couldn’t be worse!
There was nothing for it, he’d have to use what he had, and so red with shame and exertion, Santa rushed to the stables and was soon on his way.


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