Rock of ages

Grandpa and I seemed to sit on that farm wall a lot. Why not? Stone holds the memories of the entire universe, so a few essential facts wouldn’t go amiss no matter how we came by them.
No information will get through your butt sitting on a plastic chair! Being real does mean organic, as God made it, natural, uncontrived, not man-made.
Sitting on a rock thinking, or maybe not, is powerful indeed.
The First Nations people collected rocks, the living ones, and made them into enormous cairns, and once done, their shamans, trained in the art of stone reading, could retrieve the messages contained within.
The only message to be gotten from an inert plastic seat is “if you sit there long enough, you’ll get piles, and a fine crop of varicose veins to boot!”
Try something new, go and talk to a stone, a pebble, a rock face, pay attention to the information that seems to come to you from the striations and cracks. No, it’s not WiFi, but often the connection that arises is amazingly pertinent to the matters you are chewing on.
Stones are psychologists, specialists too; think of the power of the gemstones, the crystal messaging system, now incorporated into our modern electronics.


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