Action Stations!

I don’t know how you are at making lists, but while a few are great at it, most folks are not good at doing it at all.
Santa was definitely in the last group, one of those innocent souls who thought that if a note was made about something, it was as good as done.
Smile, it’s true!
No matter how hard he tried to create a sense of quiet efficiency, for all of the month of December, everything in his workshop was going round like a top and very like to go up the chimney.
Santa’s family and friends did what they could to help, but as he got into such a fluster and state of confusion with the time for his departure getting shorter and shorter, it was often best to leave him alone and not do anything at all.
Amazingly, by Christmas Eve everything that had to be done was done. The last things to do on the list were; get a haircut, trim beard and moustache, and pick up socks from shop next door.

action stations


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