Santa Thinks

santa thinks

Tick! Send for the vet right away. The reindeer have to be checked; no twisted ankles or cases of the runs this Christmas.*@*##*!
Mmmm, Tick! Take the sled to the carpenter. Must be able to carry more presents, can’t have the bags falling out, like the time before last! Bah!!
PAINT WOODWORK – carefully writing on his notepad – bright blue body with red and gold trim, a white driver’s box and black sled runners. Very swish! Santa pasted a great fat grin on his face.
Ah, Tick! Pick up new jacket and pants from tailor. Best red wool twill cloth anywhere, you can bet on that. ALSO a set of thermal underwear.
Now then, boots…. Santa thought about them for a long time. Did he need a new pair, or did he not? Tall black leather boots cost a lot of money, and while they looked good on the leg, they were cold and uncomfortable most of the time.
LARGE CROSS! No, boots won’t do! He drew a thick black line through his notes, and underneath wrote in big capitals, MUKLUKS! Perfect!
Tick, pick up the pair of new white wool socks, already arrived at the store.
Eye examination, of course. TICK! Put second pair of specs in jacket pocket.
He didn’t have to get everything done right away, so, promising himself to start on the list after breakfast, he went back to sleep.


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