Being Four

Strawberries take a power of working with: in the cold, miserable Scottish February, before the plants had wakened up, the runners that had proliferated between the rows had to be dug out, and made ready for replanting or selling on. We’d sit in a little huddle in a windy barn, to break the young plants out of freezing clumps of earth, before they were cleaned, pruned and sorted into bundles of twenty-five.
Perhaps now you can appreciate how welcome a big bowl of hot ‘Thae Kail’ was!
By March the ground was readied for the new strawberry rows, and off we went to put in what seemed like an awful lot of plants.
It hadn’t got a mite warmer, keep the kail pot going!

This blog has actually nothing to do with strawberries; good memories are in my mind, memories that can help with healing.
I have a great picture in my head, my sturdy self at the age of four, standing under a yew tree waiting for the rain to stop. Grandpa was sitting nearby, drawing peacefully on his pipe, and before us was the grey misty sopping field we’d been working in.
That was a long time ago, but what I get from that memory is an opportunity to revisit myself, and reconnect with how it felt to be so young. Forget about being blue with cold, think instead about sensing the wonderfully healthy and vibrant body and mind.
The years go by, we forget who we were, the recollection of ourselves dims and we lose health simply by not remembering. But a return through happy memories is a great way to reconnect, and even at this stage of my life I can benefit from these visits. The youthful wellness reminds the aging body that it can feel better, and though with no expectation of being four years old again, a subtle adjustment takes place, and hurts and ills of all sorts are greatly alleviated.
Try it; if nothing else you will enjoy remembering yourself.


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