Where from here?

The Tournesols of Solsequium, designed for the child in all of us, will have many episodes. There’s a sore need for humour and the fantastical in our lives, so what’s wrong with a ton of friendly speculation about zany environments!

The media moguls, in search of a fast buck, would have us in the dumps forever if they thought they could get away with it.

A few words from a telling song:

“Mr Hearst the newspaperman just fixed us up a war, saying I’m selling lots of newspapers but I want to sell some more, so I’ll blame it on the battleship of Maine…”
[The blowing up of the battleship USS Maine in Havana harbor on the evening of 15 February was a critical event on the road to that war. (Spanish/American War, April – August 1898]
The newspaper articles of that time had New Yorkers in a frenzy of fear.

The point being that in this fast-moving world, with a fixation for profit at any cost, anything goes, and among the first casualties are the good feelings and willingness to live and let live of ordinary citizens. Truth is a very unstable commodity these days, it has been given a dollar value, and as the facts frequently can’t be proven, the public is left to chew on its bottom lip in unsettled apprehension.

Not so in Wiggledywoo, what you see is what you get!!!

primordial chick


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