Strawberry Tea (final)

berry aloft

“My, that were close,” said Tulip, when Sparky and everyone else had arrived.
“Mouse was right there, Pappy” she yelled gleefully, “but he heard Snake and headed off in another direction.”
Pappy T was not amused.
“Well now,” she said happily, looking at the plump ripe strawberry slowly rotating round and round on its tethering ropes, held at a point just below the ginormous head of big Sol.
“Couldn’t have arranged this better if I’d tried, Sparky.”
“What?” asked her man cautiously, always mighty suspicious of his wife’s bright ideas, because they generally caused him big trouble.
“It’s our little Lil’s fourth birthday today, and I was all of a fluster, thinking what to do for a celebration, and there it is,” she cried, waving excitedly at the berry.
“Ring the bells, shake the chimes, invite everyone, Sparky, we’ll have tea and cake and fresh fruit, and after we’ve eaten Pappy free, we’ll all sing Happy Birthday songs!
Pappy got howling mad thinking he was to be abandoned, but he soon forgot his bad temper when he discovered he’d be the centre of attention for ages.
Everyone crowded round and chatted to him, you see, as they busily stuffed themselves with strawberry, and before too long Pappy was dancing about to dry himself, more than ready for tea and cake.
I ask you, what could be better, pots and pots of hot tea, best cake made from fresh-milled sunflower seeds, and fresh strawberry à la mode?


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