Strawberry Tea (part two)

Tournesols have lived and worked on the Solsequiums, the biggest sunflowers you can imagine, for nearly forever. In fact, to save you figuring it out, the Big Sols were often a thousand feet high, and every other living thing was in exact proportion to them.
Soooooo, the earthberry that Pappy T’sol popped into, being a real big one, was…ah, let me see…all of eight feet cubed, strawberry shaped, of course!
Wow! Someone’s joking! Pull the other one!
No, that’s the way it was, which made the lives of the little T’sols very interesting, as the Chinese have a way of putting it.
Ridiculous, don’t you think?
No, I don’t think, in a story like this that’s the worst thing you can do!

strawberry Murray


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